How to install certificate of cloudfare on c# applications apis

can anyone help me in installing the Cloudflare certificate on my c# application apis so that Cloudflare consider this as valid and accepts the request that is sent only through my software.
please hlp me

Have you tried searching Stack Overflow or other like forums?

Perhaps this is something useful?

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it dont work brother actually my website is hosted on somee but website gets attacked daily so i m planning to add certificate on my apis which i used on my c# application so that Cloudflare can consider it true can you guide me?

This isn’t a Cloudflare issue. This is an issue with your code/application.

I’m not sure there are many C# developers around here, but if there is perhaps they can put you in the right direction.

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anyone please help how do i send that Cloudflare certificate through my c# application apis so that Cloudflare validates it properly.

You install a Cloudflare Origin CA certificate the same as any other certificate. No one here can advise how to configure your application. We can share the relevant documentation pertaining to issuing the Cloudflare Origin CA certificate. You will have to know how to use it. We cannot figure that part out for you.

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