How to install an Origin CA certificate in NGINX

I know I should read the essay first( Actually, I have do it. But I still have a lot of questions.

1. Where should I keep my key and cer? There isn’t path directory on My website.


Is it different for different websites? So, in my point, the key and cer should be kept in here.

**2.**What is my " Nginx virtual host file"?

Is it this?

Then ,How should I do?
Add and set the server.url like it( I have and a server.url as an nginx reverse proxy? If the server url will impact it.

At all, I can 't execute sudo systemctl reload nginx. And I still can’t add SSL on my website till now. Please give me a hand! Thank you!

Who manages your server?

??? Just me.

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I know this does not immediately address your question, but please do me a favour in this case and get a managed service. Either temporarily until you acquired the necessary knowledge or permanently if that is not a priority for you.

It is highly dangerous and irresponsible to maintain a server without having the required experience to do so.

It just be used as a test environment and self-learning tools.

I understand, but considering you want to connect the server to Cloudflare it is publicly reachable and that is the dangerous part I was referring to earlier.

Dont get me wrong, I dont want to sound patronising (even if I maybe did) but it requires experience to manage a (public) server and if one does not have that experience yet there is a very good chance that server will be compromised and used for everything from spam to attacks.

If you want a test environment for acquiring that experience it is much safer to run that on a local machine that is not reachable from the outside (that can even be a VM).

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