How to insert IP range in Policies

I’m clueless how to add an IP range as a (additional) rule. I’m getting an error everytime. I want the IP 123.456.789.1 to 200 added a an ip range.


  • 123.456.789.1- 123.456.789.200
  • 123.456.789.*
  • 123.456.789.1/200

Nothing gets accepted. How do you input a range?

Found this:

IP access rules only support /16 and /24 ranges. So, if is possible and not blocking/allowing too much you could go with that range.

Seems to answer my question.

Additional info: It seems to work with any /amount up to /32. Above that you get an error message.

That’s to be expected, an IPv4 address has 32 bits so above /32 is invalid. Google for “CIDR” if you want to understand more.

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