How to increase the speed of a site with Cloudflare?

For my site, I use Cloudflare CDN services. I started to see some results. How long does it take for the result to be optimal?
How can I speed up my site even more with Cloudflare?



Thank you for asking.

What tools did you used to mesaure it?
Here are some:

Without knowing your website type, neither domain name or URL for example due to testing, I can list few options/features which you can enable at Cloudflare for your domain and test:

  • Brotli
  • HTTP/2
  • HTTP/3
  • 0-RTT
  • Rocket Loader
  • Auto Minify (all three checked - HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Argo Tiered Cache

If you are using Pro plan (paid), alongside above stated, make sure to enable:

Those options are available under the:

  1. Speed tab → Optimization
  2. Caching tab → Configuration
  3. Caching tab → Tiered Cache
  4. Network tab

You can also try out “Argo Smart Routing” option for a month and see how it goes:

More about it here:

I’d suggest you below article too:



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I thank you for the advice. I took the argo and pro service from Cloudflare.
There is just “The biggest content painting”, which is still very slow.
I use the site kit plugin on wordpress and PageSpeed.

I will try to activate all these options. I had already activated most of your suggestions.

It is much slower in mobile version. I use the AMP plugin to overcome this difficulty, but it’s not great. I’m thinking of changing my theme. Maybe I need a theme more adapted to mobile versions?

Result of the speedpage test on my site:
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Performance 80 on Phone is OK ,What’s the Laptop Speed ?

The speed for the computer is 97

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Then no worries it’s pretty fast :fast_forward:

Thank You

I find that the amp plugin I use to keep the site properly referenced and fast enough slows down the system. Can you recommend a theme for a news site?

WordPress ?

Yes, wordpress