How to improve CF Analytics

Hi there,

My name is Eric, and I’m one of the people working on Cloudflare’s Analytics features. We’d love to get some feedback from you and better understand how you might like to see our Analytics features updated.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, but also try to include some details to help us better understand who you are. If you aren’t comfortable sharing some details publicly that is fine. We can follow up with you privately if we need clarification.

  • What type of site do you operate?
  • How many domains do you manage on CF?
  • What plan level(s) are you using?
  • How long have you been using CF?
  • How often do you check your CF Analytics?
  • Would you be available for a short call/interview to provide more information?

We will be monitoring the feedback and will chime in with questions, but may not reply directly to each post. If we don’t reply to your feedback that doesn’t mean it’s not being included.


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Not available for call/interview but I outlined maybe more extended features at DNS Analytics extended to Page Speed Analytics?. I believe Cloudflare Smart Transit Monitoring already does some of this behind the scenes for Argo ? So exposing some of those metrics in CF Analytics would be ok ?

Been using Cloudflare for a few years all free plan though for just test or small sites. But use Incapsula and Sucuri for others just because they don’t require moving full domain DNS to them as I use Amazon AWS Route53 for GeoDNS/Latency based DNS for my cluster of servers and only need a CNAME alteration. Tried Cloudflare Loadbalancer during beta but too costly compared to AWS Route53 once backend origins surpass >8 i.e. 16-32 backend origins and more costly that Constellix Geo Promixity based GeoDNS offerings.

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Hello eva2000!

Thanks for the reply. I’ve read your post on DNS Analytics extended to Page Speed Analytics it was very insightful and something that we think about as we design the next iteration of CF analytics.

Some of these ideas will be reflected in our upcoming Argo analytics that will also show

  • Distribution time to first byte
  • Time to origin by geography

That will be something we want to get out to Argo users as soon as possible!

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I would like to see which kinds of files are downloaded most often and what files are downloaded most.

I run Webshops and others 28 in total on cf.
I use pro for most traffic sites. Have been using it for a few years. I use analytics ones a week. Just write.

As a hosting provider and partner the biggest potential addition would be information on the most recent non 2xx responses without needing to contact support. I don’t need full log sharing, just 25-100 errors and maybe a lookup based on ray id.

What type of site do you operate?

  • Web hosting company

How many domains do you manage on CF?

  • One active site not counting customer sites

What plan level(s) are you using?

  • Pro with dedicated cert

How long have you been using CF?

  • 3+ years

How often do you check your CF Analytics?

  • If I notice unusual traffic

Would you be available for a short call/interview to provide more information?

  • Email contact preferred

I am glad you just added some Argo analytics. Just some feedback:

  • The Origin Response Time graph shows 3 colors but the legend only two. I guess the grey may means requests for which Argo did not find any route but it is not clear.

  • When will the total bandwidth match the Argo billing? Right now the dashboard total bandwidth does not match Argo billing by a large amount. I was told by support that it will be soon fixed but I do not see any change so far.

Would like to see the following:

of Pages Served with Mixed Content Warnings

HTTP vs HTTP2/SPDY Traffic
IPv4 vs IPv6 Traffic

I’d love it if there was a feature like this on free plan Cloudflare’s Analytics:

This feature could help in a better choice of the location of the hosting/datacenter for the website

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Hello Anders thanks for the feedback.

I’m working on improving analytics over the next year, would be awesome to find out a bit more info if you had some time :slight_smile:

Could you explain a bit what you mean by “which kinds of files are downloaded”?
What kinds of use cases would you be using this?
How would this affect your overall use of the the analytics on Cloudflare?
If you couldn’t get this info on Cloudflare, how else would you be able to find out?

For example: You would log in to Cloudflare Dashboard Analytics to check every week what the most downloaded files are and then make some changes to your marketing/product planning with this info that you have. You would hypothetically see a chart that show you the top 5 files for this week. Usually you would use third-party software to check events on your webstore.



Hello Jaredb,

Thanks for taking the time to give us some feedback.
Quick question relating to your answer in the questionaire,

How often do you check your CF Analytics

  • If I notice unusual traffic

How do you check for unusual traffic currently?


Hello Tzh

Thanks for the feedback.

The grey color means areas of overlap between the argo and non-argo results. It’s just when the data is overlaid on the chart. The key thing to note is the amount of shift between pure orange section over the blue sections to see how much improvement gained from using Argo.

We are current testing some new updated charts and maps for Argo Analytics.
Let me know if your interested in seeing some of the updates and to chat about it.


Hello imFORZA,

Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:
We’ll keep this in mind as we update the data that we show on the Analytics App.


“Which kinds of files are downloaded” are available now, so that’s fine.
I’m just interested in the result, i might learn something about the sites.

I could get this analytics for the individuel files by making a script using my access.log

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I use a combination of raw interface traffic reports from the switch, munin server reports, and for a few key clients I try to keep an eye on their typical user loads.

I also try to maintain an active relationship with some of my larger customers with international communities because I have found I often find out about network routing issues from their users faster than any alerting tool I have ever used.

If I had an in depth interface on the partner panel with more detailed debugging tools for errors I would likely be checking it quite often.

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I would love to see it. What would like to see in addition to what you currently display is the actual bandwidth consumed. Right now I have to guesstimate it using the number that the dashboard displays. That would allow us to monitor the cost of Argo as we go. Right now we only see the Argo bandwidth on the invoice after the fact.


  • Error count - It would help to see the count of 4xx, 5xx 10xx responses. (Alerts when Cloudflare shows a lot of error pages would also be a nice feature to have). A filter/facet per hostname would also help.

  • Page Rule stats - It would help to see the number of times different page rules are triggered to find potential misconfiguration.

  • Web Traffic - I want to dig a little deeper into what content is cached or not when we optimize our performance and page rules. A filter/facet per hostname would help a lot.

  • I would like to be able to see traffic per POP. Currently only 5 items are visible in Top Traffic Origins but I would like a little longer and more detailed list.

  • Origin Performance even when Argo is not enabled.

What type of site do you operate? News, Blogs, LGBT-Community site
How many domains do you manage on CF? 5
What plan level(s) are you using? 3xBusiness, 2xPro
How long have you been using CF? A few months
How often do you check your CF Analytics? Very often during the time we migrated and then mostly when we work with optimization and if there are glitches
Would you be available for a short call/interview to provide more information? No problem.

yes top 10,20,30,40,50 cached/uncached request table listing would be nice

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