How to import zone records from a TEXT file

I have a domain hosted in IBM which has 200+ records, which I am trying to migrate to cloudflare DNS hosting service. I can export all records to a TXT file.
How can I import it to my domain in cloudflare.
I am new to cloudflare. Pls advice.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @user1901,

If you can get them in BIND format, you can easily import them, this support article has the full details:

Just be aware that the max you can import at one time is 200 records on the free plan and 3500 on paid plans.

Would it break the import if you took a massive BIND file and cut it into chunks, but retain the same header for all the chunks?

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My guess would be that it would work, but I have never tried it and not sure!

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I had seen ticket in the past where the import errored out when users try to upload BIND file that contains lots of CNAME records (like ~1,500) at once. This error happens because we need to run a dig on each of these. If each one of the queries took 15 milliseconds it would burn up 45 seconds before we’ve even attempted to upload the DNS records to the database. So uploading the zonefile in smaller chunks. e.g. 200 records per upload is actually recommended in some edge cases like this.
Either way, I’d recommend running named-checkzone to validate the zonefile prior to the upload. This command is included in the BIND package.


I tested this for a thread a few weeks ago (something related to SRV records having a different structure to that allowed by the GUI). You can use the BIND file import multiple times, and the content will be appended to your zone. I didn’t test having overlapping records, but will do this later today.


I’m pretty sure it’s doesn’t break anything, but I don’t know how it handles any type of duplicate: CNAME with the same hostname as an A record, or just changing the value of an existing record.

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