How to ignore parts of site for any rules CloudFlare

I would like to know how to configure for specific parts of the site or pages not to be parsed by any CloudFlare rules.
We didn’t actually use CloudFlare benefits because it had a lot of blocking on some pages of our apps.
There is a way that specific parts or pages of the site do not go through any control, they could provide us with an example of how to perform this configuration.
We run tests by creating Firewall Rules and Page Rules, but pages are always blocked by some control.

If a Page is blocked, it should show up in the Firewall Events Activity Log.

There are many types of rules here, if it’s a general setting, you can create a Page Rule for that part of the site and disable any setting in the Page Rule list.

If it’s a Firewall block, you can pretty much do the same with a Firewall Rule to Allow access, or Bypass certain settings. But that’s usually driven by what you see in the Firewall Log.

We’ve alrealdy tried to create Page Rules and Firewall Rules, but still have block in this pages
Please, give us an example for this set up this

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