How to identify that my site under DDoS attack automatically?

Is it possible to use special web tools like pingdom to automatically catch when a site under DDoS attack ?


Is it possible to active toggle “Under Attack Mode” automatically with help of Cloudflare option?
Does Cloudflare have such an option inside?

There is a Health Check option at Cloudfalre to monitor origin and the notification we can receieve on our e-mail about the event of possible DDoS on our Website from Cloudflare.

Might be different and other options available, depending on the Cloudflare plan we’re using.

Helpful topics about it here:

Last but not the least, kindly see more by reading Cloudflare articles which contain a lot of helpful information for better understanding and usage as well in terms of Security and Protection:

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You can verify the backend status and take very strong guesses, if the application is down but the network is still operative, you might guess an active HTTP attack is hitting your website. Pingdom and similars might be able to accomplish this.

Cloudflare has DDoS Alerts, however, those won’t be useful if the attack is below 2k rps.

While I do not like this approach (it’s poor and affects legitimate visitors), you can look up on github for scripts that do exactly what you are asking.


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