How to identify original DNS when site is masked with cloudflare

I want to file a DMCA copy right issue to the hosting co. but I can not find the original DNS servers
for this site :

it has all kinds of privacy protect and redirects for users not Google bot.
I tried with Google DMCA but because the site links from Google search are redirecting its not an infringement in their view…

thanks a lot

You can file a complaint at Abuse approach - Cloudflare

Already did.

Because they are using Cloudflare as a service it does not mean you can use the the abuse report.

“Please be aware Cloudflare is a network provider offering a reverse proxy, pass-through security service. We are not a hosting provider. Cloudflare does not control the content of our customers.”

To be fair, I am not sure what the issue is to begin with as the site in question simply redirects to another domain. Thats it.

But if you want to complain that form is your only option.

the email stated this too

Hosting Provider:

    AS12876, FR

    Abuse Contact:

[email protected]

but this domain does not exist

That AS appears to belong to Try sending something to [email protected].

But again, not sure what the issue is.

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the issue is that domain is stealing content and post it for Google search and redirects it with custom landing pages and I can not stop it

I could rewrite the content but then I will get copied again…

How is it stealing content? It only seems to redirect to another page.

like I said you will be redirected

to see the content with a file viewer change hxxps with https


the Google team does not know how this works which is quite worrying to me

Just because it is Google does not mean it involves comptetence :wink:

Currently the domain you mentioned redirects to an HTTP server at on port 18001. There you get another redirect to and eventually you end up at

Not sure what the point of that setup is but I wouldnt call it abuse.

stealing of the content is

Again, what content is stolen? Are you allegeding is? Because that is the only place where content is actually displayed.


the actual content is in Google search what you get is the garbage the redirect feeds you.

sorry to say this in this way but this how it works

After investigating a bit more it would appear the site is serving different content based on the user agent. Google’s crawlers get actual content, whereas regular browsers receive the redirect.

One approach you could try is explain that very fact to Google. Google generally is not too appreciative of such techniques.

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Also, keep in mind a DMCA might serve in Cloudflare’s case but not in the host’s (assuming they are French) and you would need to file a copyright notice, appropriate for the respective jurisdiction, instead. Both might be similar but semantics can be still very different.

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Thanks for reaching out to us.

At this time, Google has decided not to take action on the following URLs:

can I submit another request somehow?

I’d assume you should be able to file another complaint, especially when you point out what I wrote earlier. However I’d take that question to a more appropriate forum covering such topics for Google specifically.

You could also go straight to the host Cloudflare mentioned.

OMG when I was searching online more and more .eu sites are scraping my and others content

so I am thinking to report it as spam with your comment attached as its too time consuming at this moment

thanks for your help Sandro!

Apparently somebody else also filed a complaint about five years ago