How to identify my own hosting company?!? Crazy....I know

This is probably the dumbest question ever posted here…but I have a domain that I pointed to Cloudflare nameservers and I have NO idea who my hosting company is. I was probably messing around, testing some free hosting account, decided to try the free Cloudflare account too…then forgot about it. How the heck do I figure out who is hosting my domain? Wouldn’t that information have to be in my Cloudflare settings…somewhere? Help! :grimacing:

Nope. But if you look up the IP address(es) in your DNS page here, you can plug it/them into this to give you a big hint:


haha, ok…so just to prove that I’m not totally lame, I actually DID do that before posting here :smiley: I even used the ultratools lookup (vs others) but I was apparently on a different page of the ultratools site that didn’t give me as clear and obvious results as the one you provided.

I’m still a bit confused by the results, because there are two different IP addresses -
the 2 nameserver IPs are different from all the rest (e.g., the domain itself and cpanel).

The nameserver IP resolves to a company I don’t recognize as ever having done business with them, even on a trial basis.

The other domain makes total sense – it’s a hosting company I used a long time ago.

Does it make sense to have two different IPs here? What am I forgetting?

You can ignore the Name Server IP addresses because they shouldn’t be used. It’s the “A” records for the site that matter.

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Thank you again!! Super helpful and I have it all figured out now. Phew!

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