How to houtomatically resolve with " www " before domain

Hi every one, i have a web site from few years, my domain before was registered to google and my web address was registered on sitegroud.

Yesterday i decide to transfer every think to Cloudflare.
I recently created a selfhosted wordpress and i transfer all my site on it.

I point the domain " simonemastellone…com" trough tunnel to an ip on my server .
I able to access to the site perfectly.

Then i redirect all traffic from all www to my domain with help of the forum and is working .

Using AAAA to 500::
and page rule

Since my prevoius site was already configured in google console and all tag with www in front of the domain, previously was simple just change in wordpress form https:/// to
https:/// but now when i doing it the site is not accessible so i need to revert back .

What i am doing wrong
I cannot use the non www version is to much work to do

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