How to host images that go over the limit

I am brand new to Cloudflare. Just tried to deploy my 11ty site.

I got an error:

Error: Pages only supports files up to 26.2 MB in size

How do I resolve this without just removing the images in question please?

You don’t. You need to make sure files fit within the mentioned limit

Hi @adambsilver

To resolve the issue with images over the 26.2 MB limit on Cloudflare Pages, you can:

  1. Optimize and compress your images to reduce their file size.
  2. Host the large images on a different platform (like Cloudflare R2, AWS S3, etc.) and link to them from your site.
  3. Split your site deployment into multiple parts, ensuring no single file exceeds the limit.

Remember, the limit is per file, so you can have multiple files as long as each is under the size limit.


Thank you!

Thank you very much!

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