How to hide workers url with cloudflare routes?

You can, but all these domains need to be in the same account where the Worker is.

I am glad to know that i can use custom domain to host worker file. but i did not get it how to set it to use a custom domain instead?

clicking the link you provided takes me just to cloudflare home after login.

do you have an example screenshot or directions on where to find this setting. it might be obvious for experience cloudflare users but i am struggling to find this your help will be greatly appreciated

Hi @sandro

no it doesnt work as it returns:

so i suppose routs only works as redirects and also the documentation seems to be outdated as this option of worker is not availabel anymore

you can either select Zone from: Dashboard> workers> worker> triggers> Add route


you can select service by visits: Dashboard> websites> domain> workers> Add route

So that might be an older setup which worked in past by as of today it isnt working :frowning:

it will be greate if there was an easier option which works to customise the worker url.

thanks alot for your help

It’s pretty straightforward and your code may have thrown that error.

Again, what’s the URL?

You set the route from that domain, so if your domain was it’d be

Then all requests to /form would hit that Worker. It is not a redirect, it just matches the URL given and if it matches, then fires the Worker

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Plus, post a screenshot of what you configured.

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