How to hide my web server IP

Before buying the cloudflare’s PLUS package through my web hosting provider, I was using the free cloudflare account. When I was using the free cloudflare account, I was able to hide the IP address for both www+XYZABC+com and XYZABC+com(without the “www”) by using Cloudflare’s DNS servers.

Sorry, because I’m a new user, cloudflare allows me only to have two URL in my message. I user ‘+’ sign to substitute the ‘.’.

Now I purchased a static IP address from my hosting company for my WordPress server and I also purchased the Cloudflare Pro package.

After start using the paid account (paid through my hosting provider, a partner of Cloudflare), my hosting provider told me I have to use hosting company’s DNS server.

So here comes the problem while using my hosting provider’s DNS server:

The www.XYZABC has CNAME to <---- It hides the real IP address perfectly.

But there is an A record on my hosting company’s DNS serve that points XYZABC+com (without WWW) to the real IP address. I did try to remove this record but Cloudflare will stop working.

People can find out the real web server IP address of by doing a simple NSLOOKUP of the my domain name (without the www at the beginning, such as XYZABC+com )

Is there anyway to hide the real IP address of my WordPress server (without the WWW at the beginning of the URL) with my own hosting company’s DNS services?


Hi @wwux98282,

Those kind of partner setups vary depending on the host.

There are two options, the CNAME setup using your Hosts DNS (which appears to be what you are on) or the full DNS setup. Some hosts offer the full setup integrated through them.

The CNAME setup you are on can only be configured for a subdomain, not the root domain (you technically can’t have a CNAME on a root domain) hence the use of www.

Only subdomains, not the root domain, can use Cloudflare’s services. This limitation is imposed by Internet DNS specifications.

On the CNAME setups, I don’t believe there is a way to hide the IP of the root domain, you would need the full setup for that. It may be that your host is able to offer that through them, or you may be better coming directly to Cloudflare.

If you don’t mind me asking, why did you switch away from Cloudflare’s full setup to go through your host?

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Thank you for your explanations. When I used the Cloudflare free account, I was using Cloudflare full DNS which can hide the web server IP as I like. The problem is once I purchased the Cloudflare Pro through my hosting company (A2hosting), I can’t see my paid account status on the Cloudflare management screen.

A2hosting tech support told me because I purchased the Cloudflare service through A2hosting, I have to use A2hosting’s DNS servers and the CNAME methods.

Then I found out I can’t hide the my (without www) IP address anymore. Although my WordPress has redirected all traffic targeting XYZABC+COM to www+XYZABC+com, but people can still do a simple NSLOOKUP to expose my web server’s real IP. IMHO, it’s not good enough to protect my real web server considering I’m using Cloudflare already.

It seems to me switching back to the free account is much better in dealing this issue.

Yes, the issue will be since you set up Cloudflare through your host, rather than directly.

Is there some reason in particular for you switching to this?

Knowing what I know now, I’m seriously considering to switch back to the free Cloudflare account and use Cloudflare’s full DNS servers. By doing that I can hide my XYZABC.COM IP address from the whole world. Thanks.

No problem! If you want more features on a full setup, you can get a Pro plan direct from Cloudflare :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help.

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