How to hide load balancer origin domains

Hi everyone,

I have a Cloudflare Load Balancer.

Load Balancer Hostname:
Origin-1 Hostname:
Origin-2 Hostname:

When I enter the Load Balancer Hostname, it redirects me to the Origin-1 or Origin-2 hostname URL. I want to hide my origin server URL addresses. It now appears in the browser. Is there any way I can mask or hide this?

I couldn’t find any resources or settings related to this topic.

Thanks, everyone.

May I ask how did you setup your Load Balancer?
Two pools with one origin, or?

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One pool, two origin

I’d look at the origins or your firewall. That’s not the behavior of a load balancer so the redirection to display the hostname is coming from somewhere else.

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I noted. This made sense. Because I set reverse proxy http to https 301 redirect. Maybe that’s why.

I will check and post the result.

Thank you for your advise.

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Thank you for your advise, i tried.

I tried your suggestion. I disabled ssl(443) via reverse proxy. There is no problem when accessing directly from port 80. But I want it to communicate with SSL. Origin hostnames do not accept https:// or :443 ports in Cloudflare Load Balancer settings.

The bad thing is that when I disable ssl in reverse proxy, load balancer ssl is also disabled.

Cloudflare blew me away with “Load Balancer” and universal ssl unfortunately. I guess I’ll think twice before trying new things again.

Hi everyone,

Since Cloudflare conflicts are not over, I change origin hostname values with ip addresses and log out from port 80. This is how I solved the issue. If you are going to use a domain, I would definitely not recommend Cloudflare CDN.

Thank you to those who supported.