How to hide i my domain privacy protection with cloudflare

please can some one tell how to hide my my domain personal information,when i use the whois tool i see all my personal information …my domain provider do not offer domain privacy protection…

That’s a question for your current registrar, not Cloudflare.

Of course, you can transfer to any other registrar who offers such a service. Cloudflare offers that too and supports several TLDs here as well.

You can check whether yours is supported at

You can transfer to cloudflare, cloudflare does provide whois privacy protection

Please does cloudflare supports .cm domain extention for example

thank you sir

Does the mentioned link list that TLD?

please sorry let me verify now and tell you


its not listed

cloudflare does support the TLD CM extention

In that case I am afraid you won’t be able to transfer it to Cloudflare and need to use a different registrar.

ok than you

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