How to hide dns details


I was asking how to hide my domain from public by using Cloudflare features. I tried to do something but perhaps it was not useful. My domain details are still shown in -for example- this kind of search engine:

Any suggestions?


In time the IP will be hidden, since (by the looks of it) you just switched to CF, some services still have the old cached IP.

If you’re worried about someone DDoSing you by bypassing Cloudflare, you should make sure to set up your firewall to block all IPs except the ones Cloudflare owns.

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Have you changed your nameservers to point to to Cloudflare? When I do a lookup on the domain, I don’t see CF nameservers…

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Your name servers are not on Cloudflare yet

Also remember that whois/DNS information is crawled and stored by many organisations

I also recommend what @judge said and block non Cloudflare IPs if you receive abusive traffic.

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You need to add the Cloudflare name servers that are in your Cloudflare dashboard to your registrar.


That domain was just an example, I do not own the domain I gave you as an example.

As far as I understand, the reason is because I have just moved (changed NS) my domains to CF. I need to just wait until I see my domain is listed “not public” when I search it in any dns search sites?


This could be the case, please share the actual domain if you can so we can take a look.

You can take a look. I changed its proxy so the cloud became orange from gray. I guess this is the reason why I see an IP address beginning with 104, not my actual hosting IP.

What I would like to have is something like this:

In the end, no one should see any information about the domain. which you say is what you want, only shows no details with the www hostname in front. Yours does this as well if you add www.

When entering the root domain, theirs shows just as much as yours, your IPs are just masked by those of Cloudflare.

So there is no option to mask root?

Your root IPs are masked by those of Cloudflare.

I mean, isn’t masking possible with the real domain name (not with hostname like www or ftp in front) ?

It isn’t currently masked, it is just the way that site is working. You can still do a DNS lookup on the www hostname and see the records there. The IPs are just hidden by Cloudflare so people can’t go straight for your origin.

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