How to hide apps from App Launch


So, at first glance I love the idea of the Access App Launch feature, but we need a way to hide apps and I’m not seeing anything from here (Mobile, so maybe I’m missing it?)

Here’s one example of an app that exists, but shouldn’t be listed):

For context, this exists so that any app hosted behind access can still request certificates (primarily from Let’s Encrypt), but not only is the app not relevant to users, it doesn’t even work because a wildcard sub domain is not a valid URL.

The permissions on this one don’t allow any users, it is only a bypass rule for all IPs. This is just an example though, I have a couple other apps that just open a hole for an API call, but because they’re technically reachable for a user (e.g. from our office IP address) they’re listed when the link is actually not something a user can directly interact with. Exchange AutoDiscovery is another example of something that will hit many of my clients.


Great feedback @thedaveCA, I pinged the PM who indicated ‘it’s coming’ so… let’s assume it is. :slight_smile:

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I got the same indication about this when it first went into beta. I presume v2 will have this and some things.

Yep, I also raised this and was told should be coming soon :slight_smile:

Any news on this? Is it still coming soon?


Any news about on this ? because i ve got the same problem, especially with webhook bypass applications



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Are any updates on this?
I’m facing the same problem

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No changes, at least nothing new that I am aware of.


This would be very useful.

I believe this is possible, edit an application and look for the Application Appearance section.

Ha, you’re right. Thanks.