How to have site SSL and Cloudflare working

Had an issue with CF and its SSL as my WP site pages where getting 404 on few seconds, didnt had SSL on server, and it was showing in waterfall of google dev tools.

Installed sectigo comodo SSL on site, and simply couldnt make it work to bypass Cloudflare SSL, i was using Strict mode and site wasnt opening.

So i had to switch off CF for this domain and left it on server ip, as it was impossible to setup.

Planning to try new site WP domain working, so if anyone had tips how to have settings for this?

  1. With CF/CF-SSL that dont cause 404?
  2. With site SSL and CF bypass CF-SSL?


As long as your server has a valid SSL certificate and Cloudflare is configured for “Full strict” everything should work fine. What was the error?

The page isn’t redirecting properly on firefox and on chrome ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS.

Thats not an SSL issue.

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