How to have more than one worker script



I have been using cloud-flare workers

I have added a route and a script - Which works.

But now i want to add another route with another script.

How do I do that?

I can add another route.

But how do I create another script.

Am i suppose to write all my route scripts in the one script file?

If so how I detect the route in the file?

Seems confusing or am I missing somethings simple?

I am doing all of this from the Dashboard.


Only Enterprise plans can have multiple scripts.

You’d have to do some clever scripting to apply different functions for different routes.

Or set up a second domain with the script you want and call it from the first domain. I know this has been done, but don’t recall the process.


Yeah so just detect the URL and in the addEvent listener route it to the corresponding handler.


So can i point multiple routes at the one script

for example

…some url/pages/*
…some url/components/*


You really don’t have a choice, but it’s what I do. My main domain and one subdomain point to the same script.