How to handle CloudFlare when updating theme?


My WP theme is Newsmag from TagDiv. There is batch to update from version 4.9.3 to 4.9.4.

Their support recommanded me to disable all cache and plugin and to deactivate my CDN before transfering the files.

Now I see that I can pause CloudFlare, or purge the cache, or tons of other commands.

Question : what shall I do on my CloudFlare to make sure it doesn’t jeopardize the theme update ?

Thanks in advanced.

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Put that domain into Development Mode. That will bypass cache and other possible interference for three hours. When you’re all done with the update, do a Purge Everything and turn off Development Mode.

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Hello @sdayman,

Thanks for your tip, it did the trick ::beers:.

For the other users, here is the summary :

1- Purge WP Super Cache, then deactivate it.

2- Put CF in developper mode.

3- Update via File Zilla or another FTP.

4- Purge CF cache, then turn off dev mode.

4- Reactivate WP supercahe.

Done :).


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