How to handle 2 DKIM Records

Hi. I currently have one DKIM record for my primary email service with Rackspace. I now have to add a second DKIM record for my email marketing service with Active Campaign. I tried adding this as a separate record, but it doesn’t appear to be working. Is this the correct approach to adding the second record?



I’m surprised Active Campaign doesn’t have you set up a subdomain for their mailing service. That would take care of the DKIM issue.

I’m not sure on that - just following the process that AC gave me to authenticate from their domain. I have both DKIM records active in my CF DNS and I’ve verified both selectors and core key records with the tool at I also ran a test email to and it verified that the new DKIM record for my AC server was working. So it looks like the DKIM is fine - this all started because I was trying to resolve an issue in Active Campaign where emails were showing a “sent from AC server name” in the from field. So it looks like this is an AC issue at this point. Thanks for the help anyway:)

Out of curiosity, are they both default._domainkey entries?

Not exactly sure how to answer you. The do both use the selector._domainkey convention with each having its own unique selector text. Does that answer the question?

That sounds good if the selector texts are different.

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