How to grey-clouded a sub-path?


My webpage using a subpath www.****.com/manage.php as the administrator page. I upload video files in this page but there’s the 100MB upload limit. I wonder if I can only grey-clouded this page.


You cannot :grey: part of a DNS record. ( That’s just how DNS works, not a limitation of the platform)

Can you use a different hostname/domain name for your upload console? That can be :grey: while www is :orange:.

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Thx a lot! I got it.

Actually you can. Remember CDN is just a reverse proxy. Cloudflare is using Nginx on it’s edge servers and it can do anything Nginx can do.

You can create a page rule in Cloudflare for the sub-path, and set the cache level to “bypass”. So the sub-path is grey-clouded.

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A :grey: record returns the true origin IP address of a record and the connection to the origin is direct. With an :orange: the record is proxied by Cloudflare. It is not possible to change the DNS response based on the path of a request so a record is either :orange: or :grey:. Ir either goes through Cloudflare or it doesn’t. A page rule with a cache level of bypass simply means Cloudflare won’t cache otherwise eligible content it proxies for objects matching that path.


@OliverGrant Ok. I understand what you mean. OP is trying to upload video files to the sub-path. So the bypass cache rule won’t have effect.

Now my advice is: if the sub-path is only used by yourself (OP said it’s an administrator page), you can add a direct DNS record in your OS hosts file to bypass Cloudflare altogether, while the public can still access your website via Cloudflare CDN.

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