How to get visitors information?

I am using Cloudfalre business plan. How can I see all the information (IP address, URL that user visited, user input, etc.) related to users who visit my website? Should I create any new rule to do so?

I’m not sure what user input you’re looking for, but IP address and URL should be in your server log. On a Business plan, I don’t think you’ll ever find analytics that include Visitor IP addresses.

Hopefully the new privacy-first analytics feature will roll out soon.


Thanks for @sdayman answer.

Perhaps you can also try this 3rd party apps:


Thanks for your offer. I installed the app and saw the logs. I would like to know how many logs each visit generates. Considering the limit of logs for free plan is 5200000, does each log is being counted? How much will be the cost after free plan?


I suspect @chasers can assist



Pricing is available here:

Each request to your site is a log event. One page load will use up multiple log events as each image, etc is a separate request.

Thanks @cloonan

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Thanks @chasers
I don’t receive the logs when I refresh the website! Some other requests are as well when I close the tab and open another one with a new request. Do you know the reason?

Whatever you have cached locally won’t make a request through Cloudflare. Yeah you may have to do a hard refresh to initiate a new request.

@chasers Thanks for your response. I see only recent 1 hour logs are recorded. What should I do to collect more logs? What does “Event Retention: 30 days | Unlimited” mean?

They should all be there. You can email [email protected] with screenshots if you like.

That means we’ll store your data for 30 days or you can use your own BigQuery account and keep data forever if you want.

@chasers I see some logs without IP address of visitor. What logs are these? Why can’t I see the user’s IP address?

  • Wed Nov 18 2020 14:37:38 GET | 301 | 2a01:4f8:190:734e::2 | 5f4425af988b2c42 | | Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MJ12bot/v1.4.8; metadata

That’s an IPV6 address.


Here it is. IPv6.

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