How to get the IP address of my domain?

I purchased a domain from Cloudflare domains, but I am unable to set up the DNS settings, I don’t know what the IP address of the domain is for A and the CNAME for it, do I need to get hosting for it? If i need hosting how did I edit the nameservers, as that is a premium feature? I tried using the “Workers and Pages” and created a deployment, tried adding my custom domain there but it works for 2-3 minutes and then the DNS goes to “pending” or “verifying” and stays like that, I have no experience in setting up the DNS services, help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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It doesn’t have on until you create an A record containing the IP provided to you by your hosting company.

When your domain uses Cloudflare registrar, the nameservers can only be the ones assigned by Cloudflare.

There is no premium feature that will allow nameservers to moved away from Cloudflare when the domain uses Cloudflare registrar. You may be thinking of custom nameservers which are available on Business and Enterprise plans. They are still the same Cloudflare nameservers. They are just assigned names in your domain.

Is your Cloudflare Pages site working properly at its default name?