How to get support

I’ve got a paid account and logged a support ticket 4 days ago and still no response…

There is another issue now where Cloudflare is messing up the site and new users see this jumbled site. I then do a full cache purge and they can see it. Where to start looking for the solution to this?

I assume you’re on the Pro plan? The Service Level Objective for the Pro plan is 5 days as mentioned here:

It is almost always much quicker to get support here on the community.

Could you share the domain name and a bit more detail? Perhaps you could send a screenshot of this?


I am able to load the site without an issue. +1 to the ask from @albert for screenshot and more details…an error number of message would help, messing up is difficult to diagnose…



You haven’t said what’s wrong or what the domain name is and as far as your ticket is concerned, also haven’t posted the ticket number. If you want help then make it possible for people to help you.


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