How to get started with Cloudflare DNS

Can someone please help me get started with hosting my DNS on Cloudflare. I’ve created a new account on and logged in. Now what? There is no functionality on Just lots of documentation and FAQs.

If I click on “Domains” it takes me to a screen that says “(0) Already on Cloudflare” and “(0) Unable to transfer”. Ok… What does it mean?

Where do I go to set up a domain, find the nameservers and start adding A records etc?

The first step is to add a domain from the dashboard. The wizard will walk you through the initial setup.

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Thanks but how do I add a domain? I guess that’s what I’m asking.

There is a button to add a website. I don’t have any websites.

Ahh, are you just wanting to use Cloudflare’s DNS resolver? If so, you might not need an account at all, unless you plan on setting up Cloudflare’s Access / Teams custom DNS filtering.

No not talking about just using as a resolver. I want to use Cloudflare to host my domain. Ie. use Cloudflare’s nameservers.

Then follow through the Add a Website process. There is no particular need to set up any specific services.

I’d go through this process, Step 1: Adding your domain to Cloudflare, @user9119

I see. So by add ‘website’ they actually mean add domain. How confusing. Thank-you.

Cloudflare is largely a web CDN/DDoS provider. There is no requirement to use these components, but most of the UI is based around this core functionality.

I understand now. Thank-you for the help. Appreciate it.

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