How to get short Cloudflare IP

Hello guys,

I’ve seen a Website with the Cloudflare Ip: 104.**.1.16

But does anyone know how to get a short Cloudflare IP like that?

Those are most likely the more expensive plans such as Business and Enterprise.

Is there a reason you’re interested in those? Visitors are unlikely to notice the IP address.

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If you own your own IP address space you can contact Cloudflare sales regarding using your own IP address range on Cloudflare’s edge. Otherwise the IP addresses are in a pool of Cloudflare owned IP addresses and assigned out of that pool by automated systems.




Does Business plan support custom IP?

Cloudflare IP addresses are assigned by an automated tool. Why are you wanting a specific IP address?

Easy to remember?
Someone should have mentioned, that…

I still think Cloudflare should have rather got :wink:

Cloudflare uses shared ip. Some ISP might have blocked that IP on unrelated activities from a third party. like assigned x.x.x.x but they work in a shady activity. AN ISP might have blocked it. Now Cloudflare assigned that IP to is banned also on that ISP.

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The solution to that would be a dedicated IP address or bringing your own IP address space, OP was asking about a short IP address which I still don’t exactly understand.

Both the static/dedicated IP and bringing your own IP address space are optional portions of Cloudflare’s Enterprise plans.


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