How to get rid of scripts/invisible.js?

On my sites reports an error for invisible.js. How do I turn off this?

Why do you think this is related to Cloudflare?

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There are several topics on this forum, but I have found no solution.
Amongst other: Cloudflare Causing Console Errors

I turned off Bot Fight Mode and viola!

The site is now working properly without errors in :slight_smile:

Chasing a gaming score vs securing your site? If you didn’t need bot fight mode then by all means turn it off, but to do so in order to get a better score on a rando tool….


Google vs Cloudflare. I have limited knowledge to judge who to trust the most. Deprecated API sounds bad to me. Googling this I get this answer:

Deprecating an API’s version could be because: The API is insecure . The API has too many bugs . The API does not support important use cases .

So who to trust? Slow down your site and get it “deprecated”? Or what?

Well that’s not a speed score it’s a ‘best practices’ checker.

Does bot fight mode slow your site down? Yeah it probably adds a millisecond of latency if I had to guess. A millisecond of performance impact if you need the protection is inconsequential. If you don’t need it then great, turn it off and any other Cloudflare feature you don’t need of speed is the primary metric you care about.

But that tool isn’t a speed checker and that wasn’t what it was measuring or reporting on.

You’ve googled the definition of depreciation, that’s good. Have you read any Cloudflare blog posts on what Bot Fight Mode does and why it was created?

Honestly I don’t care one way or another if you want to chase a perfect score with Google’s tool. I don’t use Bot Fight Mode on my sites because I think it’s a ■■■■ tool as implemented. But as implemented Google’s tool you’re using is pretty crappy as well.

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Yes. It become completely unreachable for testing tool like Google So my understanding is that the Bot Fight Mode is also blocking legitime sites. And I do care about this :slight_smile: