How to get rid of cloudflare popups here

I am in Australia and do not use Cloudflare ever. Since today my website is blocked by Cloudflare popups from every browser and mobile. I cannot use my website. How do i get rid of Cloudflare please. As i am not amember i have ni access to support and i am not paying to join a service i dont use to try to get rid of it. Help please

Hi @mike122

Can you please share the domain? If you are not able to post links, it could be through https:// domain . tld

Then, we can try to help you debug.

I am in Australia
I own the domain
I have never used or heard of Cloudflare before today
My site was working normally until today when popups from Cloudflare appeared stopping my customers accessing the website and me and my developers cannot access the site through our hosting cpanel or wordpress or admin log in by any means, we are blocked completely.
Please advise how to get rid of it as we have no business through our website at the moment

Your website is likely infected with malware.


Thanks, any idea how to get rid of it

The most common option is to restore your site from an uninfected backup and patch the security vulnerability that led to the compromise.


Thank you, is there a known security vulnerability to be looking for to patch

That’s going to depend on your plugins and whether or not you keep your WordPress up to date. I wanted to emphasize the importance of updating after restoring.

@mike122 I suspect what you are encountering is what has been talked about a few times on this site, Website problem "Sorry, you have been blocked"
Sorry, you have been blocked i cant access my site
Sorry, you have been blocked at free plan

It looks like each of the subject sites of those posts were able to clean up the issue, if it’s the same cause, I think you will be able to as well. Follow the directions in the article @cscharff shared. I wanted to grab a copy of the fake 1020 popup that was being presented and share it here along side an actual 1020 page. The fake one looks kind of like a Cloudflare 1020 page, but not like it at all if you’re familiar with the real page.


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