How to get redirected domains to work with DDoS implementation


I am trying to get the DDoS mitigate setup using CloudFlare, I have followed all the steps required to have it enabled. i.e. Switched on “Under Attack Mode”.

However, in order to fully utilize this service, I understand that I must block all access to the origin server and only allow for CloudFlare IPs to have access via whitelisting. That way all traffic to my site is forced through CloudFlare.

Brilliant, did that…but here is my issue. I ran into the problem whereby all my other domains that are controlled by that server became non-accessible. Understandable as I wanted to force all traffic through CloudFlare. But now these other domains that I use as re-directs cannot be accessed on the origin server in order to perform the redirect.

My question is how to best set this up so that those other domains are working through the same CloudFlare account or is it that I have to create separate CloudFlare accounts change the name servers for each domain and have a page rule for each domain to point traffic to my intended address?

I figure the latter is what I have to do but I wanted to ask if there is an a better way to do this.

Any advice is appreciated, we’re fairly new to CloudFlare.
Thank you

Hi @paul62,

You can add all your sites to one Cloudflare account and manage them there. When you log in, kist click ‘Add Site’ and go through the process and change the nameservers on each one. You can use page rules to redirect visitors if needed (3 per domain).

Hi domjh,

I understand where you are coming from and specifically I was hoping to not have to change the name servers for each domain. I understand also if I have to but I was merely looking to see if there was another way.

I have like 8 domains to change the name servers for.

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