How to get real IP address of domain

I have a website builder service where I offer clients the option to redirect their domain to my server in order to host their website. To ensure that their domain is correctly configured to point to my server, I check whether the domain’s IP address matches the IP address of my server.

However, if a client uses a proxy on their domain to hide their IP address, it may not be possible to accurately determine their real IP address. In such cases how to get real IP address ?

You cannot determine this. One of the features of Cloudflare is that an attacker cannot determine the actual Origin IP address to bypass Cloudflare, unless the user misconfigures something.

You could check for the existence of a secret URL, if you get a 200 response then you know they have configured it correctly. (Maybe even two secret URLs, one HTTP and one HTTPS. That would let you know if they have accidentally configured Flexible SSL mode).

There is Cloudflare for SaaS Providers, which may be of interest.


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