How to get pages on the custom domain I verified?


Big cloudflare noob here. Hope everyone is doing alright because I am not lol

I’m making landing pages in cloudflare workers and need to figure out how to get the pages to be located at the custom domain I have verified. Not this domain.

I’ll continue trying to watch videos and find resources to solve this but so far I just am having no luck. If anyone knows how I can get these landing pages to be on the domain I have verified I will be so grateful.

It looks like you already did. Your screenshot shows a domain associated with the project, and the site works. What problem are you seeing?

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For example,

I’m trying to get a system set up to test multiple landing pages on one domain like I was doing on namecheap going into the public_ html folder on Cpanel and uploading them. This is my first time on any hosting like this so my apologies if this seems kind of silly to ask haha

I want to be able to access the landing page at the youroffwarehouse. com/lp1/index.html. Right now I uploaded a landing page but its only appearing at the root domain; yourofferwarehouse. com. Any landing pages I add after that I am confused on how to link to them using the domain I verified.

I want to figure out how I can achieve getting multiple landing pages uploaded to one domain basically.

Multiple landing pages uploaded to one domain and being able to see the link I can reach them at on my domain I verified. Right now its just making the landing page as the root site.

Make all your pages in one project linked to the domain name. You don’t put together a site with each page as its own project.

Create a project with something like:

ip1 (folder)
ip2 (folder)

and so on.

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okay I’m pretty sure I know what you’re saying here and I appreciate you man. So I create one folder with the site that has all the landing pages in it.

Now the part I’m having trouble with is structuring this folder and then what link we would then access the landing pages at.

I appreciate your help so far though man and honest to god if you drop your cashapp or paypal and I’ll hook you up for the help haha

Did I do it right in the photo? I know I’m getting warmer but something surely is wrong.

You’re putting zip files in there. That’s not right. You want to create one site, with multiple pages.

The root-level index.html is what will be shown when people visit your domain name.

You can add a directory, lp1, and inside that directory, the index.html will be what people see when they visit your domain name followed by /lp1.

I don’t know what’s inside those zip files, but it’s likely that the contents of should be there, in a directory called lp1. Definitely not a zip file.

You may want to start with a basic introduction to web development like this one.

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You solved my problem brother! I was stuck in the habit of uploading zipfolders and then extracting them within file manager.

I uploaded them as regular files and got it to work. Now I understand this all. Thanks so much man. You have no idea how much I appreciate this.

I definitely need to start becoming better versed in web development too so I’ll check that article out for sure. Thanks again.


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