How to get OFF the legacy partner setup?

I joined the legacy partner programme, trying to grow my client based, but it didn’t grow as fast w.r.t. domains and CF subscriptions, so I don’t qualify for the new partner programme. Now I have a need to subscribe to CF subscription services, but I can’t as the domains are on a partner account, and I can’t enable reseller on this legacy partner account…

So, I’ve been trying the past week to log tickets/get help to get my current legacy partner domains of the partner “platform” so I can at least subscribe to the subscription options… but alas… silence is golden ;(

Any advice on how to get this sorted out quick-quick??

Can you please post the ticket # for your request?

If you want quick and dirty, then create another account and re-add the domains there.

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yeah, the problem I’ll have to do that for all my clients (granted, not that many, but still) not to mention the issues with getting those clients to go fix their registrars etc…

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Currently the turn around times for partnersupport is like 7days or more ;(

And that is now to get off the legacy partner, so I can get some of those domains Pro supported ;(

Still waiting on [email protected] on this issue ;(

Don’t they want me on Pro for domains? @sdayman