How to get nofollow for an email-protection link?


The Wordpress site has an email in the article and Cloudflare adds protection to it, when you click on it it refers to the protection page. You can see it in the source code (screenshot attached). Search engine crawlers follow this link and come across a useless page.

Here’s an example on A screenshot of the location and source code is attached.

How do I do a nofollow for an email-protection link?

i don’t think it’s possible, but the email-page itself uses nofollow and noreferer. So it shouldn’t really matter…

I scanned the site with a SEO Frog and it went through these pages. So the search bots also follow this link. Why did you think there was a nofollow attribute?

There’s a meta tag, so google etc will just ignore the page.

If it’s possible to you to edit your source HTML code, I’d make sure I do have my e-mail written in a code as <a> HTML tag with attribute rel="nofollow", therefore Cloudflare should recognize it and modify it by adding what’s needed to the href and data-cfemail.

Would be like:

<a href="mailto:[email protected]" rel="nofollow">[email protected]</a>
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Great idea, thank you!

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