How to get nearest DNS server throw CloudFlare?

Hi guys,

My website is hosted in Vietnam, I can see tons of servers which Cloudflare (CF) support in Asia such as Hangzhou, China, Hanoi, Vietnam, Hengyang, China, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam…

But when I send PING test to my website, the response IP always in USA, and response time kind of high, not stable (~300ms). Slow when access website too, I switch all of my ISP in my country to test, result always high ping.

I have searched everywhere and not found the way to use Asia cloud server instead of USA to prevent slow speed of my website. I am now using, DNS name for my domain.

Any idea?

Hi @vietnguyen010,

That is a Cloudflare IP which will show as the US, however they utilise an anycast network so that does not mean your traffic will be routed to the US, it will likely go to a server nearer to you (depending on your ISP’s peering).

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