How to get more information about 520 errors?


I have a manged WordPress installation on GoDaddy with CF configured on top of it with some page rules for caching, as well as with SSL offloading. The site is served off GoDaddy only over http.

My blog is pretty static, and as far as I can tell wasn’t updated in the last few days. The CloudFlare configuration was also not updated recently.

As of 2 days ago, CloudFlare intermittently reports my site as being offline, returning 520 errors, and showing an “Always Online” bar at the top. This happens on more than half the page loads.
Note that on a successful load, all the resources are being loaded up correctly. It appears the main page request is the most susceptible to this fault.

I’ve disabled CloudFlare on the site, and it seems to be working with no issue whatsoever. The pages are loading consistently with no issues.

However, I do want to use CF for performance and SSL as mentioned above.

I’ve contacted GoDaddy, and they said they can’t see any issue whatsoever on their end. They also claim to have made no changes to their hosting platform. I was unable to get past tier 1 support though, so I take this claims with a pinch of salt.

I’ve opened a ticket with CF and attached the HAR files. What can I do in the meantime? Is there any way of me seeing the actual issues causing the 520? Can I explore anything else? It’s all fairly opaque to me :confused:

Intermittent 520 error in webpage

If cloudflare is showing a bar at the top of the screen or anything, it’s likely the record has changed from :grey: (no Cloudflare SSL/performance) to :orange:. Check in your dashboard to ensure it’s still Grey. If it’s not grey, then look through the audit log to see how it may have changed or try changing your API key in case it’s the fault of some DDNS client.


Hi Judge, thank you for your response, however I don’t think that’s it.

CloudFlare was enabled for a long time. The audit log confirms that. The only recent change is me disabling it and re-enabling it when debugging this issue.

My API Key was never used. I am not sure what DDNS has to do with anything though.

As I said, this is an intermittent issue, which I cannot reproduce by hitting the host directly. CF reports failures on some requests, for reasons completely unknown to me.


@itamaram There’s another thread tracking this issue. I have several sites with the GoDaddy + CF setup and 2 of them are showing the issue, 1 is not. So far can’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be working (sorry double negative, no errors in sight basically.) No template or plugin errors, turned on full debugging as well. GoDaddy as been uncharacteristically unhelpful. They basically have said “it’s a CloudFlare issue, stop using CF.” (Paraphrasing.)

Edit: Words.


Thanks for that input whitney.

Are you able to link me to the other GD + CF thread?

Also, what do you mean by enabling full debugging?

Edit: Found it


FYI, GoDaddy acquired Sucuri which is a competing product to Cloudflare :slight_smile:


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