How to get info about lost Cloudflare account?

I’m helping my client with their marketing automation and website. They’ve built their whole website on top of HubSpot CMS which assigns SSL certificates through Cloudflare.

My client would need to adjusting their certificates but nobody has any record of any Cloudflare services or account ever existed. Certificates exist though, work and apparently also renew. HubSpot support advised to contact Cloudflare since they are not able to get us forward.

So, how should I proceed?

You can try the “Forgot Your Email” link from

Otherwise, it’s pretty to set up a new account and then re-point your name servers in your domain registrar account. You don’t even need access to the old Cloudflare account.

Thanks @sdayman for your input! The issue is that my client has absolutely no info about their SSL certificates and Cloudflare, including their logins. So password recovery isn’t an option. I haven’t found a way to contact Cloudflare directly.

Maybe your suggestion of creating a new account and new certificate for their current need would be enough as a dirty quick fix. However, it would be superb to get access to their old account since there are several certificates, subdomains, internal systems etc. involved. I would rather avoid touching the whole setup since that might cause more issues elsewhere.

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