How to get in touch with the peering team

I have over some years tried to get in touch with the Cloudflare peering team at [email protected] without ever receiving a response.

Is there another way to reach out and get some peering sessions setup with Cloudflare?

Hi @reupke,

That does seem to be the correct email, have you tried filling in the form on this page?

Yes and I already have to access to the peering portal, but I can’t get in touch with anyone who can setup direct peering sessions with us.

What to do now?

The peering portal only shows statics, but doesn’t offer any configuration or contact options.

I just send them another e-mail…

Hi all,

Thanks for standing by.

I’ve reached out to the Peering team directly regarding this request, to see if we can get some quicker movement on this.

@reupke, could you please send me a private message with your email address so that they can identify your request?

We appreciate your continued patience and cooperation!


It seems you haven’t DM enabled?

Anyway, look for either [email protected] or AS205206.

Thank you.

Sure thing, glad I could help - I’ve confirmed that a member of our engineering team is working on your request now.

Apologies for the confusion, we can only initiate a DM to you. That was my misunderstanding. No need for now though, thanks for sharing :+1:

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