How to get Google Cloud images into Cloudflare Image CDN?

We are just investigating Cloudflare Image CDN and it looks promising, but currently our 30,000+ images are on Google Cloud storage.
Does Cloudflare offer a one button “transfer” from their website that would allow us to do a mass porting of those Google Cloud images to the Cloudflare image CDN?

Can you clarify, what product are you referring to?
I assume Cloudflare Images Cloudflare Images · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs but it is not a CDN, Cloudflare will store uploaded images, not just cache them.

Cloudflare images currently do not support GCS migration. Can you shed more light (maybe in DM) what is your setup? single bucket or multiple? Do images fit with limitations? Supported image formats and limitations · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs

We are using Cloudflare Images, but currently have 30,000 images on Google Cloud in a single bucket. I think the best way for us to port them over to Cloudflare Images would be for us to write a script that performs an image upload from URL and point it to the individual Google Cloud image urls.

yeah, that would be the easiest way to import 30k images for you. although you need to make them available to public or basic auth with a url format being: https://user:[email protected]/image/path.jpg

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