How to get file name?

Is there a way to get the file name from a URL to use in Cache Keys?


cacheKey: ‘movie.mp4’,

Why don’t you use the whole url as cacheKey ?

Assuming you’re using JS you can do:

const url = new URL(request.url);
// This will return "movie.mp4" if the URL is*/movie.mp4
const lastPart = url.pathname.substring(url.pathname.lastIndexOf('/') + 1);

then you can just use that lastPart variable as you wish

The patch has hash content protection.
But the final content is the same.


These 2 URLs that I sent as an example have exactly the same content.
However, as they are in a different path, they do not share MISS and HIT.

With your previous thread, it appears you are attempting to deliver content with an access control token. If you are on a paid plan, you might use the built-in HMAC token validation with firewall rules. This gives you the protection you are looking for, without having to run a custom application.

It worked for me.
Thank you for your help.

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