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If you go to ‘yahoo com’, it will resolve to ‘www yahoo com’. On my site, whether I go to ‘mydomain com’ or ‘www mydomain com’, I end up at mydomain com and not ‘www mydomain com’. What DNS settings do I need to make this happen where the www subdomain shows? I tried changing my A record that goes to ‘mydomain com’ to a CNAME with a name www and value of ‘mydomain com’ and that doesn’t work. I see other help in the community on how to get ‘www mydomain com’ to redirect to ‘mydomain com’, but I have the opposite issue.

CNAMEs don’t redirect, they just mean “use the same DNS record” so will point at the same IP address only.

If you haven’t set the redirect up on Cloudflare, it is happening on your origin server or with your host. You will need to change the redirect direction there, or stop redirecting there at all, as any Cloudflare redirect going in the opposite direction will leave you with a loop of never-ending redirects.

You can give the domain if you want someone to look in more detail.

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You have a redirect rule for www to non-www on your origin server that needs to be disabled. For eg. if you use aws , it might be a load balance rule that needs to be changed. You can confirm this yourself by simply inspecting network element when you load the page ( right click on page-inspect-network ( sometimes look like wifi sign up there)-first clear logs to be sure its empty and reload the url, you will see a 301 permanent redirect and that should confirm the theory. Once you disable the redirect rule, you should be fine

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I appreciate both replies so far. I’m using managed Wordpress on Godaddy but I also have non-managed Wordpress for another domain and the behavior is the same. I requestwww and goes to the root domain.

I asked Godaddy support and they said to do the A → CNAME record change I listed in my original question. According to sjr, that doesn’t do anything. I checked the network element as noted by eboateng and there are no 301 redirects. Maybe I can accomplish this with a Wordpress redirect plugin?

That is unlikely. You need to be removing redirects, not adding them.

Do you have the www set in WordPress? It is important that you do.

If you share one of the affected domain names, we can offer more specific answers.

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