How to Get Customer Support on Important Issue?

I sent in 3 tickets almost a week ago asking to remove a domain since we have Cloudflare at A2, I can’t remove the domain.

How do you get help?

Press the submit request button at the bottom of this page:✓&query=test&commit=Search

3 tickets are useless. Remove all and leave only one, 3 are only adding time to process requests for others. If you are on the free plan level it can take a while, unfortunately.

The tickets were already submitted, he is lamenting not having a reply already.

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I sent one ticket and it was closed with no solution.

I am a paying customer through A2.

Our site was down so it was urgent so I created a new ticket. Then another one.

This is a live site and it is important!

How do we get support?

Go ahead and post that ticket # here.

We don’t work for Cloudflare, but we’d gladly take a look if you post the domain name.

Since I don’t. know what the issue is, have you asked A2 for help?

A2 wants Cloudflare to remove the domain so A2 can set this up.

Thanks for your response. I need Cloudflare to do this, because there is no button displaying for me to. The domain is listed, but editable. I looked at help pages and the buttons they say to use, don’t exist.

The “Delete” button has moved. In the Overview section, the very bottom right hand corner should have a “Remove Site From Cloudflare” link.

If that doesn’t work, post your Ticket # here.

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Thanks. However, under the domain it says setup, but there is no delete button on any page.

Hi @sales27, you cannot delete the zone as I see it still in the select a plan screen. It looks like you’ve successfully set it up via a partner, however. Are you still having issues?

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Yes, we cannot set up Clouodflare at A2.

A2 wrote

We checked and it was the same issue as last time with the www. pointing to the nonexistent CF record. We have edited the CNAME to an A record back to the proper IP

The cPanel > CF plugin is logged in but it is showing it as being added as Full Zone Method. When trying to remove the domain from the plugin and reprovision so it can be added properly we see it is added already in another CF dashboard and account.

Please login to the Cloudflare dashboard directly and remove this domain from whichever account has this setup.

We can then try again once it’s been removed.

I haven’t selected a plan, because I have a paid plan at A2 and it will double bill me. I am concerned, because doing the A2 partial cname brought the www site down twice.

Thank you @sales27, that is really helpful. The zone is not fully set up on Cloudflare, so I don’t think it will interfere with the setup at A2. But, I want to make certain of that. When you’re doing the partial setup, are you following something similar to the directions here, Community Tip - Best Practices For CNAME setup / Partial setup?

It sounds to me like OP manually started to add their domain here, but wants to abort that process so A2 can add it from their end. But they can’t because Cloudflare says it already exists here.

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Thanks @sdayman. I think that is it. What do we do? A2 needs it removed so we can continue.

@cloonan When I do the partial cname it has a list of records that it updates. When I press the button the www site goes down.

I think raise a ticket with Cloudflare support as directed in the tip to do a cname setup but preface your cname request with a request to purge the zone. Pls share ticket number here as I’d like to keep a look out.


I think what @sdayman thought is correct. What do we do?

What is the domain, to start with?

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