How to get cloudflare to store files permanetly

I have noticed that when doing a cache flush all files are purged and there does not seem to be a stoagage zone as some other CDNs such as Bunny CDN has

How can we configure Cloudflare to store files in such a manner,

If you purge the cache, the cache is purged, as you requested. If you want to store files on Cloudflare, they have several products for that, including KV and R2. They don’t have a way to, for example, exempt a file from a full cache purge… because you asked for a full cache purge, and they do what you asked.

I’m not familiar with how Bunny handles it. Maybe you could explain your use case?

Hi there

Well you see. Everytime I create a new artcile on my site, I have to do a full purge of the Cloudflare cache for it to show up for users around the world. (Am am not using the cache all option)

If I don’t do a full purge of the Cloudflare cache. The new artcile cannot be seen.

When I was testing bunny. I could just simply do a local host purge and the new artcile with its image will show on my site just fine. (Without the need to purge the CDN cache)

You shouldn’t have to clear the cache as Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML by default. You’re certain you’re not using a Page Rule to force caching of HTML? What’s the domain? Have you looked at your HTTP headers with curl to see what’s really going on in terms of caching?


Thanks for you proving your comment and question.

Yes. There is no rule for cache html (cache all)

But. If I do a new post. It wont show until I do a cache flush of Cloudflare

Hi @matthew.giannelis ,

When you say local host purge, I’m guessing you mean clearing the browser cache right?

Cloudflare doesn’t cache html by default, you also pointed out that you don’t have a Cache Everything page rule, this makes me wonder if your Browser Cache TTL or Origin Cache-Control is misconfigured? :thinking:

For Browser Cache TTL you need to check the settings in cf and use ctrl+shift+r to refresh the webpage, for Origin Cache-Control you need to check the origin server’s :link: Cache-Control header. :nerd_face:

If you don’t mind, you can tell me your domain name so I can help you troubleshoot. :smiley:

A Chrome DevTools :arrow_right: Network :arrow_right: Headers screenshot would also be nice.

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