How to get authentication token when your email is broken

Hi team

I am trying to access my Cloudflare account and it has helpfully noted my IP address has changed so it’s challenging me to enter the authentication token sent to my email address.

But, the whole reason I am logging in is to fix the broken email system that happened when I activated CF.

Unlike other security systems, this one doesn’t seem to give alternative options in the authentication window.

Can anybody direct me to how to log into my CF account when I don’t have access to my email address?

Many thanks in advance


Oh dear. I feel like I am in a Monty Python sketch.

Tried forwarding the welcome email from CF via an email address that works, to ask about other methods for verifying who I am to get access to [email protected] (the account with email connectivity broken by the CF configuration), only to have a message come back and say we have no account with the email address you used. Please contact us using the account’s email address. Yes, that’s right, the address that is broken. I have another stand up comedy gig next month, and this material is writing itself.

Hopefully, there will be human eyes upon my support email and someone will reach out. Hope springs eternal :slight_smile:

See the below article. You’ll need to sign up for Cloudflare again, and change the nameservers in your registrar to the new nameservers CF will give you and you’ll end up with access again. Note that you will need to re-configure all of the settings in Cloudflare since this is a different account.

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Thank you, Judge. I will set the nameservers back to my host, configure a new email address at my domain, and sign up anew. Thanks for taking the time - I couldn’t find that help document. Much appreciated. Steve

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