How to get an HTTPS on HTTP?

1 : I have a site with http. (I have the free version of Cloudflare). My site is My question is how do I have the httpS on the URL and where do i check to see if the certificate is active? I am a newbie!

2: Do I need to do anything with the API key? I have changed the name servers, active in Cloudflare.

Thank you

You have a certificate and it works/ is valid:

However you do have a mixed content issue where at least one resource referenced in your source code is calling an insecure resource. More information is available here on how you can correct that.

If you’d like to force users to connect to the https version of the site the most effective means of redirecting visitors to a secure connection is through our Always Use HTTPS feature in the Crypto section on your Cloudflare Dashboard.

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Thank you. I have been asked if the certificate expires in 90 days? Will I need to repeat the process or add the site again?
Also Do I need to do anything with the API key? I see it on the dashboard.

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The certificate Cloudflare has provided for your domain expires in May of next year.

Cloudflare will renew this certificate before then automatically. You won’t need to do anything to maintain your SSL service.

The API key is typically for advanced/automated access to your account. You’ll most likely never need to use it.

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