How to get a rep to respond to this ticket?

Opened this support ticket a few days ago and sent the required screenshots and har file but nobody followed up: Cloudflare Help Center


Normally they are quite fast in responding, what’s you question? Maybe the community can help you out.

I have APO working on But In this newly added subdomain, APO will not stay toggled on in the Cloudflare app. After togging APO on it shows it’s active in but navigating away from the cf app settings and returning APO is toggled off. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the cf app but that didn’t help.


That’s indeed something support needs to look into it, please allow them some time to look into the issue.

Have a good day.

That’s strange, alternatively you can use API to update hostnames list:

you need to update hostnames list with “

Thanks, Yevgen. That’s way over my knowledge level. Hopefully, support gets on it shortly.

@user569 sorry, Support is not allowed to make the API call to change the settings in your account. The link from @yevgen has the structure of the command. To use it you need a terminal prompt. You also need to know your user name and the API key for your account (My Profile in upper right of dashboard-> API tokens → Global API Key → view).

I’ve seen similar issues with other features caused by ad blockers or malware prevention tools. Can you try from incognito mode and/or a different browser?

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