How to get a log file for investigation

how can i get a log file to investigate the incident. I need to provide a log file for the organization for the period of yesterday when there was an error 502 on Cloudflare.

This is required to confirm that our site did not work and our company suffered terrible losses.
how can i get it This is urgent!

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Enterprise level plans get full logs for their accounts, but I’m not sure those would have log entries from yesterday’s outage.

Monitoring services, such as Pingdom, send alerts and maintain a log of uptime. If you’re running a critical system online, such a service is invaluable. I use UptimeRobot, but, sadly, its reporting for me was less than adequate.

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The investigation organization is asking for access logi. in which there will be all information on requests and errors.
And it is also necessary that the user-agent be specified.
These are the logs needed, the tariff “Enterprise” we do not have, we are a small company.

Are there any other options?

I need to return the money spent during the period when Cloudflare was not working

Well, you’d find these requests on your servers, if you dont have them (like in this case) you did not receive requests in the first place and hence there is nothing you show either (because you didnt receive it).

I have access to hosting, logs too. But there all the logs are working and successfully show 200 code, and my hosting worked fine in the period when there was an error 502
After all, all traffic goes through the Cloudflare NS server

Thats what I mean, these requests never reached your server and hence were never served by it. All the visitor got was a generic error message, which is not specific to your site/service.

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