How to get a leftover DNS zone removed from Cloudflare without the original account

So i have an issue with a domain for the www. record. When we change the IP to cloudflare, the page will show an Error 1016. After a ‘dig a +short’ is see wrong IP’s.

This looks like a leftover:

But the client does not remember ever using cloudflare and w do not have acces to a/the account that might have configured this. So i’m really searching for a way to solve this since i now signed up as a free user (and chat or ticket isn’t an option).

Does anybody know how to push me into the right direction to get this solved?

If you change the authoritative nameservers at your registrar away from Cloudflare, it’ll go inactive, and, after some time (in my experience, 2 weeks-2 months) it’ll be removed from Cloudflare automatically.

If you do want to use Cloudflare, you don’t have to get it removed from the old account - you can just sign up for that domain regularly and set the nameservers to the ones it gives you. Once CF recognizes your ownership, it will start returning DNS as it shows on your new account.

Hi Judge, thank you for the reply. the strange this is: there is no reference (yet) to a Cloudflare registrar so an automatic removal after inactivity should be have been triggered a long time ago (we are having this issue dating back to December 2020 when we started hosting on Kinsta).

Because we are using Kinsta, Cloudflare is a must. I’m gonna try your second suggestion and set up the domain with a new account and hope CF will recognizes the new account.

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