How to generate a hash key to connect website to ipfs

Hi, trying to follow these instructions to connect my domain to IPFS. Distributed Web Gateway

I think I have correctly modified dns, but on step 3 I don’t know what to do. My site BTW is not hosted on IPFS, but on AWS, so I was trying to only use IPFS for CDN as a test. IS this possible? And if so, how and where do I generate and IPFS hash key?

Add a TXT record with the name and value dnslink=/ipfs/<your_ipfs_hash_here>

  1. Once you have added those records, type your domain name (e.g. into the text box below and click Submit.
  2. This will generate an SSL certificate, which will allow traffic from your domain to be served securely over HTTPS. Be prepared to wait up to 90 seconds. You will receive a confirmation message when the certificate has been successfully issued. When you see that message the certificate has been issued, and any request to will automatically resolve to;your_ipfs_hash_here&gt;.

Do you have any content that you added to IPFS?

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